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Team Shorty Found Foundation - White Log


The Team Shorty Foundation will be partnering up with Healthy Hood Chicago to give away

$20 gift cards from Cermak Produce amongst other goods to all of the families who show up (first come first serve) on Tuesday, November 23rd at 10am in the beautiful neighborhood of Pilsen (2242 S. Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60608). The Team Shorty Foundation, Healthy Hood Chicago, along with partnering businesses will be donating money to purchase all of the above and are looking for more donations and partners to help us feed and take care of as many families as possible for the day of Thanks. We want to be able to brighten up this holiday season by giving families the equal opportunity to enjoy a great and stress free Thanksgiving dinner with their loved ones. Please help support the cause. We will be promoting collaborating businesses as sponsors for this giveaway and are looking for more donations. If you’d like to donate, click the link below and If you’d like to give goods (clothes, food, or whatever else) as an individual or would like to volunteer. All proceeds will go towards this event. We hope you can join us and help make this project a big success!

If you have any questions. Please message jose Shorty Torres at

About the Team SHORTY Foundation

Shorty has praised martial arts for saving his life and giving him a second opportunity at success and a way out of his neighborhood. He has stated multiple times in interviews that if he didn’t join Combat-Do (Martial Arts Gym) and acquire the new family, friendships, and mentorships he obtained. He would’ve been somewhere very different in life and it more than likely wouldn’t of been positive. He looked at himself and family members as examples of if they had a different opportunity, maybe, just maybe they would’ve had a better outcome. He realizes that fighting is essentially a "poor man’s" sport and it’s their way out. For Shorty, it was, but sadly some can’t afford the gym fees, equipment and everything else that comes when being part of an MMA gym, so he decided to start his foundation. The Team Shorty Foundation motto is to help kids, teens, and young adults stay in the gym and off of the streets, He realized the the people aren’t the problem, the streets are and if you put someone in a positive environment. They have a much higher chance at success. He understands that not everyone will stick to it and become a fighter like him, but because of MMA. Shorty was able to focus more in school, learn morals, responsibilities, be around positive people, and overall stay off the streets. If it weren’t for MMA he would’ve never gone and completed college. With all of his overall success in life because of martial arts. He is hoping that his foundation can help more people do more in life and enjoy a more positive journey.

The Team Shorty Foundation is a pay it forward program that seeks out people who have a natural positive mindset and are always trying to help others. This is his way of giving back and paying it forward himself. He doesn’t sponsor people based off of their fight records and resumes. It is solely a pay it forward program to people who are trying to do more and bring people up with them. The Foundation sponsors kids, teen, young adults, and overall athletes with fight sponsorships, martial art seminars,  gym fee payments, gym equipment, travel fees, and much more. 100% of the proceeds from this website plus donations go to the Foundation to help and give back to deserving individuals who need it most.

Thank you so much for all of your continued hero in my career and because of your support. Now I’m able to give back. Thats why I always say “ We  Can, We Will, Together, We Are, Team Shorty!

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